Doctrines of Grace

Berean Bible Church has commenced a monthly service on the ‘Doctrines of Grace’ to provide a unique opportunity to grow in the understanding of the Bible’s teaching on grace in salvation.  With the growing resurgence of interest in historic Reformed theology, it is timely to explain these vitally important doctrines and address misconceptions that may have been held.  This series of teaching, together with a question-and-answer time at the end of each session, ensures that all who attend will be presented with a clear, solid, and biblical foundation of The Doctrines of Grace.

It was wonderful to have so many attend BBC’s first service which examined the doctrine of Total Depravity.  This service addressed all humanities’ need of God’s grace as revealed through the Law and as evidenced in all cultures and aspects of life.  With open Bibles, God’s Word revealed: Our Need Defined; Our Need Outlined; and Our Need Applied.  These issues can often cause questions to be raised, and the relaxed Q and A opportunity allowed for several questions to be presented and addressed.

These monthly, ongoing sessions will be a great blessing to any who attend as the Bible declares the supernatural work of our sovereign God.