Thrive Conference 2023

The Beauty and Unity of Marriage


Marriage is described in wedding ceremonies as “the state of holy matrimony.” But for many it seems to be a state of bitter acrimony.  This is clearly not according to God’s intention. We shall see in our study that marriage as God intended it, and as it can be truly enjoyed when his word is obeyed, is one of blessedness and happiness, even in this sin cursed world in which we live.

Then we will turn our consideration to unity in marriage, its marring and maintenance. We will consider what habits and attitudes will hinder if not destroy unity in marriage, and conversely what habits and attitudes will promote true harmony and unity in marriage. The rewards of this state should be evident to all and make any pains worth the immeasurable gains. 

Join us for a series of special sessions this year as we hear from God’s Word on a practical area of marriage life: ‘The Beauty and Unity of Marriage’. THRIVE is a Bible Conference for all ages and is hosted at our Ipswich Location.

The 2023 Thrive Family is located at 1a Waterworks Road North Ipswich, Queensland. If you require accommodation or have any other further questions please contact Thomas Cane.

Pastor Steve Hofmaier

Steve has been married to Carol for nearly 40 years. God has blessed them with two children and two grandchildren. For 34 years Pastor Hofmaier laboured in planting a church in metro Manila (Moonwalk Community Bible Church), and subsequently aided in planting several other churches throughout the Philippine islands. Then in 2018 they returned to their home church at Trinity Baptist Church, Montville New Jersey, USA where he continues to serve as one of their pastors.

2023 Schedule

Saturday, 25th February

9.30am       Session One – The Origin and Beauty of Marriage     

10.30am     Break

11.00am     Session Two – God’s Design for Marriage: Roles

12:30pm     Picnic Lunch (BYO lunch in the park)

Sunday, 26th February

9.00am       Session Three – Hindrances to Marital Unity

10.30am     Break

11.00am     Prayer Meeting

5.00pm       Session Four – Enhancing Marital Unity

                   Q. & A. Session

6:30pm       Fellowship Dinner (Bring hot dish to share)

No Need to Register this Year