Mark Richards

Mark Richards was born in Ipswich and raised in a stable Christian home, he has 2 younger sisters. After attending a camp at Mount Tambourine around age 10 God opened his eyes to the fact that he was a sinner and needed a saviour in Jesus Christ.

After leaving school at age 15 he worked in a wholesale plant nursery waiting for what he considered a “dream job“ as a builder or cabinetmaker following his love of working with wood and building things. After 27 years in that same place the “dream job” wasn’t coming, God was pleased to enable the purchase of his own small business which he and his wife Shelley run to this day.

Mark and Shelley have three adult children all living in the Ipswich area. Mark takes it as privilege to service God’s people as a deacon at BBCQ, in a church where we can sit under the sound of the Gospel and grow spiritually and mature as trophies of God’s grace.

Favourite figure in church history: John Newton

Favourite author: Robert LeTourneau (Mover of Men and Mountains)

Favourite preacher: Alistair Begg (At the moment)

Favourite hymn: “I know not why God’s Wondrous Grace”