Wal Cane

Wal Cane was raised in a Christian family. At the age of eleven, while listening to the Radio Sunday School, God opened his eyes to his need of a Saviour.

In his early teens, Wal had a real desire to know the Scriptures and began to read Bible Commentaries from his father’s small library. 

At sixteen, Wal began to teach Sunday school which he continued to do for many years.   In 1962, he was given the responsibility of starting a Boy’s Brigade Company at his church, which he continued to captain for the next 20 years. During that time, Wal was a Deacon for around 17 years.  In 1982, he was church secretary for 9 years.  During those years, he was also involved as Youth leader, Bible Class Teacher, Lay Preacher and Bible School Organiser. 

In 1990, Wal was invited to plant the Samford Baptist Church which he pastored for almost 20 years, until he retired, and he and his wife moved to the Ipswich district to be near their family.     

Wal with his wife Alma, have 2 children, 10 grand children and 3 great grandchildren.

Favourite figure in church history: The Apostle Paul

Favourite author: RC Sproul

Favourite preacher: Martin Lloyd Jones

Favourite hymn: “Here is Love Vast as the Ocean”